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Video Surveillance


Visual surveillance systems have been available for well over a decade now and the Sun Rays Technologies has the world's highest concentration of CCTV Cameras in its cities. There are a great many types of system and camera available, but with so much choice, where do you begin to find the right CCTV camera which will deliver the right results in your security system?

There are many factors to consider but by Our understanding the different types and features of CCTV Cameras on the market, you can start to get an idea of which cameras will best suit your needs.

Sony Chipsets and CCTV Image Quality

Practically every type of CCTV camera is built complete with a Sony chipset. A Sony chipset is the main 'heart' of your camera and is the imaging device that allows the camera to record and display the images it takes. With each type of Sony chipset you can gain better quality images and more features for your camera, whichever one is more suited to your needs. The very best chipset on the market is the Sony CCD, closely followed by the Sharp and Sony chipsets.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

Through the use of different DSP techniques it is possible to tweak the video signal parameters to achieve higher levels of quality from the output your camera sends. It is also possible to improve overall performance of your CCTV camera through DSP adjustment.

CCTV Camera Features

Apart from the image quality and performance, another important consideration are the features of your model. If your surveillance system needs to be able to record footage at night you would need a night-vision enabled camera but what type will depend on what type of pictures you need. For instance do you require colour as often as possible or can you make do with black and white in lower light conditions? If your CCTV camera is in a place where it may be susceptible to vandalism then a specialised anti-vandal camera is likely to be the right choice. Whatever your requirements it is important to understand the camera's capabilities and features before purchasing.