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Application Development

We use well-defined methodologies and frameworks which incorporate a holistic approach of defining application requirements, analyzing application characteristics before developing/implementing the solution.

During the development cycle, project will reside on different environments adapted to the nature of the tasks at hand. The four integrated development environments provide all the tools needed to create, generate, validate and deploy an application, from beginning to end:

Development - comprised of several office workstations for development and a database server for the integration, quality control and validation environments

Integration - comprised of a server with a source and software manager dedicated to development, and a database server to support code integration and unit testing.

Quality control - comprised of a server with automated testing tools, and a database server for Integrated software string tests

Business Validation - comprised of a server containing the same operating system and the same application access elements as the production environment, and an independent database server containing data as close as possible in volume and type to that found on the production environment. At your request and under certain conditions, the validation environment can be located in your facility

Production Deployment - comprised of operating platform intended to be used for live environment with a dedicated database and scalable infrastructure.

After business agreement and management approval, the release team deploys the core technology and components, stabilizes the deployment, transitions the management of the project to the operations and support teams, and obtains final management approval of the project.